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Martini-style cocktail

This perfectly balanced Black Swan Gin based cocktail will serve you a fascinating journey of delicate floral and citrus flavors, completed with subtle sweet and sour aromas originating from bergamot. The martini-style Vesper Swan inherited its unique character from the exceptional bird that mysteriously disappeared from Bruges’ canals in 2014.

Vesper Swan

SKU: 0005
VAT Included
  • Alcohol: 24% vol. 

    Volume: 50 cl

  • Vesper Swan

    Shake before use. Pour 10 cl over 2 ice cubes in a martini glass and garnish with lemon zest and watch the world go by.


    Vesper Swan & tonic

    Pour 5 cl of vesper swan into an ice-filled glass. Add 10 cl of Valencian tonic water from Fentimans.

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