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New spirits

Creation of new gins, rums and cocktails

Development of gin, rum and cocktails

In recent years we have developed quite a few gins, rums and cocktails. In addition to the Black Swan Gin, the Gold Swan Gin, the Dark Swan Rum, the limited edition Fifty Two Swans Rum, the Missgroni negroni and Versper Swan martini-style cocktail, we've also developed quite a few spirits at the request of third parties, such as the Roaster's coffee gin, the Santé gin and the Klokhof Gin

Would you like your own gin or another spirit? We can help you! Unlike many other parties, we don’t start with a base that is used for everyone, but we create your gin from scratch. Together we determine the flavors, aromas, the herbs used, ... and distill London dry.  

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Hendrik Baeke

Master of Administration

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Baptiste van Outryve

Master of Communication

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Joachim Augustyn

Master of Taste

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