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Tastings, bars and advice

Taste the legend - Fly the dream - Share the passion

Tastings, bars, advice and your own gin ...

Nevertheless, the Society is not a select group of people. Our goal is to expand our knowledge and share it with anyone who is into gins, tonics, spirits in general and the fascinating world around it.


For companies, restaurants and bars, groups and specialists we organise:

  • Gin Tastings: a private gin tasting, revealing the secrets of gin and tonic, by tasting everything pure, learning the tips and tricks, and going into history. At the end, we conclude with some perfectly served G&T...

  • Gin Bars: a gin bar can be a great added value to your party, your event or your venue. We always serve you the best G&T-serves, as they would be for ourselves, always with the necessary background information...

  • Gin Advice: if you need any advice or information whatsoever, whether it be background info for your gin menu, your gin offers, or gin reviews, you can contact us.

  • Your Gin or other spirit: would you like your own gin or another spirit? We can help you! Unlike many other parties, we don’t start with a base that is used for everyone, but we create your gin from scratch. Together we determine the flavors, aromas, the herbs used, ...

The feedback we have received in recent years is a motivation for us to continue to refine our knowledge and to market even better products. Feel free to check some reviews and check our the latest news.

Taste the legend - Fly the dream - Share the passion


Hendrik Baeke

Master of Administration

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Baptiste van Outryve

Master of Communication

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Joachim Augustyn

Master of Taste

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