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Barrel aged variant of the negroni

Designed as an aperitif, the unique ruby red Missgroni is the very definition of a delicate balance between simplicity and sophistication. Flavoured by Bruges’ Black Swan Gin, this barrel aged variation on the negroni inherited its traditional but eccentric and unique character from the exceptional bird that mysteriously disappeared from Bruges’ canals in 2014. For sure its subtle touch of local herbs, chaperoned by mild citric flavours and superior vermouth, will elegantly fly you to that beautiful city where the black swan once swam so proudly.


SKU: 0004
VAT Included
  • Alcohol: 28%

    Volume: 50 cl

  • Pure Missgroni
    Put a few ice cubes into a glass. Add 8 cl of Missgroni and finish with a zest of orange and eventually a sprig of lemon verbena.


    Miss Orange

    Fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour 8 cl of Missgroni and 8 cl of fresh orange juice.

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