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Dark Swan Rum

The Dark Swan Rum inherited its unique character from the perfect harmony between its Caribbean origin and its vintage and thoughtful aging in oak barrels in Bruges, the protected, picturesque & sophisticated biotope of the swan. This process was guided with a unique recipe, the patience of a saint and the same passion as you’ll hopefully savour it. For sure this dark rum, with its subtle touch of delicate fruits, chaperoned by sweet vanilla, will elegantly fly you to that beautiful city where the swan swims so proudly.

Dark Swan Rum

SKU: 0003
VAT Included
  • Alcohol: 40.3% vol

    Volume: 50 cl

    Single estate rum

  • On The Rocks
    Enjoy the purity of The Dark Swan Rum, by drinking it on the rocks, topped with some lemon.

    The Brujas Libre
    Pour 5cl of Dark Swan Rum in an ice-filled glass, and add 15cl of your favourite Coke. Add a slice of lemon for the best taste.

    The Tiki Swan
    Mix 6,5cl of Dark Swan Rum with 3cl of fresh lemon juice, 3 cl of pineapple juice, 1,5cl of symple syrup, 1cl of falernum and one drop of angostura bitters, in a mixing tin. Pebble ice and shake to chill and dilute. Strain into a chilled mug with pebble ice, and garnish with some mint and a cinnamon stick.

    The Dark Swan Express
    Mix 5cl of Dark Swan Rum with 1,5cl of Cynar, 1,5 cl of Amaro, 2,5cl of lemon juice, 2,5cl of symple syrup (infused with rosemary - 5 branches on 1l of syrup), 2,5cl of pineapple juice, and one drop of angostura bitters.
    Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing tin filled with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a double Old-Fashioned glass over one large ice cube.

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